Happiness is…

Are you happy? Am I happy? How do we know if we are happy or not? Can we do something to be happier? Could I make you happy if I would try? These questions are so simple and casual – but often tough to answer.

One problem is that pure happiness is difficult to measure. When you apply for a new job, they might test your intelligence and problem-solving skills and put you on the health tests. The doctors can measure almost everything from blood to the heart rates. They can test even if you are depressed. But happiness. Measuring the happiness is difficult.

The science of happiness is a new but rapidly growing area of research. Thanks for it, we know a day after day more about human happiness.


Happiness is…an approach and attitude to life


Do you remember the funny posters and drawings, where was the text Happiness is..? They represented the small cute things what happiness could be. I even draw them when I was a kid.

Is happiness a first flower after a chilly winter, a bird singing in a garden tree, a sweet message from a friend, getting a new great job or finding a dream sofa?  It might be. However, none of these lovely things makes you happier if you haven’t learnt to feel happiness. The researchers, who study happiness tell that external changes in your life don’t seem to do much for your long-term state of mind.

Happiness is... a big garden tree.
Happiness is…a big garden tree.

Start to approach to everyday life more happily and you get more pleasure from all good things which life gives you. You also can deal better with not-so-good things and sorrows, which are a part of human life and sometimes seem to stick your happy road.

If you feel today that your happiness lies far-far-away, don’t give up. Your circumstances can be far from perfect, and you might be struggling with everyday problems or life’s bigger issues. Still you can find some small sources of happiness and start to train your mind to be more optimistic.

Optimism. It is the secret weapon for happy people. Scientists say that the happiness has much to do with it. They also believe that if you decide to be happier, you probably will. The thoughts have enormous power.

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