Start a happier career

You have to be thankful, that you have a job. You don’t have to love your work; most people don’t. Be happy that you get at least paid. You have a great job, so you cannot say that you hate it. You hear this often in your head, right. 

You have only one life – at least as this person. You have 365 days in a year. You get old and then one day you die. Everyone does. Hopefully, this did not come as a surprise.

You can’t live your life hating your daily job. You shouldn’t live your life just surviving the working days and starving for long weekends and summer holidays. It is a terrible waste. It makes you not only nuts but also influences on all parts of your life. Your family, your relationships, your health, energy level and mind spirit. Your general happiness.


There are two options. You must learn to love (or at least like) your current job or find or even build the new one. You don’t have to decide yet, which option you choose.

As a beginning, you must imagine yourself living a happier life.

Is it difficult to think about your happiness? Yes, I know. Your kids, husband, parents, sister, brother, old aunt and lovely friends should also be happy. You are right; happiness should be a human right. However, it is only you who can make something of your happiness.

How would you like to live your life? What you enjoy most doing? What do you do just naturally? What did you love doing, when you were a kid or a teenager? No, I don’t want to hear you liked to smoke secretly in the parking lot or kissing the cute boys, even that was true. Was there anything else which just you loved doing? Like sewing your clothes, writing novels or playing police all day long.

What kind of value you could give out even pro bono to the world, just because you like doing it?  What type of work makes your heart sing, yell, run, smile, sparkle? What kind of work feels right and meaningful to you? If you would have all the power and capabilities in the world, and you could choose anything, what would you do for a living?


Is it cooking healthier more nutritious food? Writing inspiring stories that make people cry and laugh? Singing in opera? Analyzing company figures? Helping kids with behavioral problems? Making the life easier for elderly? Designing jewelry to make women more self-confident? Fighting poverty?

Take a pen and paper and write your answers and thoughts on paper. All of them.

If you have some bright ideas, we should raise a glass. Most of the people in the world don’t know, what they want to do. They have to find that out first – in a way or another.

If you know what you want to do, the second question is even more difficult.


You must be honest with yourself. What is the real reason you want what you want?

If you wish to do something just because you feel you are good in it or because it is well paid, think again. Of course both salary and experience are important, but if your work lacks all the inspiration and passion, it probably does not make you happy in a long run.

Is your answer coming from your soul and heart? Is it making your heart tick harder? If yes, I believe. That is something you probably must do in your life. But not necessarily for your profession. At least not yet.


Many professions sound more romantic and desirable than they are when you have to do that five days a week from year to year.

Have you ever tried to do the thing you love regularly, a day after day? If you don’t, now could be the time. Start doing it now as a passionate hobby.

Another good way to get more information about your dream job is to observe and interview someone, who does that already as the main job. Talk to her, ask about her working days and imagine yourself in her place.

There are many lovely things in the world, which can bring more happiness to your life even if you do them as a hobby or as a side job. Many of them might not be even suitable for your main job, at least not yet.

If you are a single mum with three small kids working in a decent job but dreaming about being an artist or novel writer, I say that keep your proper day job and learn to enjoy it. Take care of the kids and home, but start painting and writing in evenings or weekends just to see, if you love that sooooo much. And if you can deal with the thing, that you might work a year to do your master painting, which everyone loves, but nobody buys.

If you are busy and exhausted business woman, who loves luxury travel, but wants to slow down and dreams about starting a career as a mindfulness teacher, I would advise you calm down. Slow down a bit in your current job. Have a holiday. Begin to practise mindfulness, yoga, meditation or whatever, which makes you less exhausted and gives some rest for your tired mind.

When you don’t any more feel so busy and exhausted, think it again.  Are you ready to leave your great career, monthly salary and status and start from a scratch a business, which might never be a real business?  Maybe you could just begin to stop working overtime and get mindfulness and yoga to your life as a daily routine. If that is not enough, maybe you could even keep some mindfulness courses to your friends to see how it feels. Small positive changes in your lifestyle could also change your attitude in your current career.

Believe me. It is so much easier and funnier to be creative and do the artistic work or yoga teaching when you don’t have to worry how you pay your living, food and clothes.

Small constant positive changes in life and career are also easier and safer to do than big ones – and often they are the way to the happier career and life.