Start a happier life

Want to be happier?  Want to get the sorrows and worries to hide away and get that damned job, love relationship, new house or lottery win?  Sorry, I can’t promise you that.  I cannot even promise to heal you, in case you need some healing.

That’s harsh. I wish I could.

However, I can help a bit. I can teach you what I have learned about finding stable happiness. I can tell, what the science already knows about people, who make highest scores in happiness studies. I can also show, that happiness is not so much dependent on outer circumstances than people often think.

I can tell you the route to the bit happier life if you are ready to go.

Hello, Happy Camper is an easy-going and inspiring digital guide for smart persons like you. The content is based on Science of Happiness and Well-Being, so you know that all the tips are tested with real humans. There is always a need for happy people in the world. Join them.

You don’t need much to start. Just open mind, a peaceful moment, a pen and a notebook. And of course, Hello Happy Camper, which works with Apple’s computers,  iPad and iPhone.

You can load Hello, Happy Camper from Blurb Store or Apple’s  iBook Store with a humble price 11,99€.

Don’t you have a Mac, iPad or iPhone? Don’t worry. The book version which works in desktop computers and other tablets and mobile phones is on it’s way. Please leave here your e-mail address, so I let you know, when the e-book suitable for other devices is ready.  

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