Sometimes, the worst enemy of your happiness might watch you every day from a mirror. She is tired, exhausted, and grumpy, neglecting her physical and psychological needs day after day. She eats unhealthily and irregularly, sits too much, and regularly skips daily walks and exercises. She never has time to calm down outdoors.

She might drink too much alcohol or coffee, work too much or too little, and use digital devices, such as a laptop or watch TV, before sleeping. Because of this, she goes to bed late and sleeps too little. Then she asked herself where and why she lost her happiness.

Do you always see this person in your mirror, often or sometimes? If yes, let’s start to rescue her.

Your happiness rescue plan:

1. Check your menu.

There should be five healthy meals daily: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snack. Avoid unnecessary sugars. You should prefer fish, vegetables, fruits, berries, and full-corn products. They all have a positive influence on both your happiness and health. Read more about the happiness diet here. 

2. Drink enough water.

The experts say water serves several essential functions to keep us going. An adult man needs three liters of water daily, and a woman needs two liters. Water does not need to come from drinks; it can also come from fruits and other foods we eat. Notice that drinking alcohol increases your body’s water consumption. Flying, exercise, or hot weather have a similar impact. Water is especially crucial for your metabolism, your kidneys, and your skin.

3. Enjoy daily sunlight.

You are not a dwarf; your body and brains need light like the plants. The sunshine works as a medicine for both your mood and body. It prevents depression, tiredness, and many diseases. It also improves your happiness and fastens your recovery from illnesses and surgeries. Organize your home and office to get natural light as much as possible. However, daylight from the windows is insufficient; you must go out. A lunchtime jog in a park. A walk from the office to home. Go to the grocery store on foot instead of a car. Take the kids to the park and play there with them. Easy!

4. Start a more sporty life.

Regular exercise is crucial for your health and happiness. The right amount is two hours of sweating weekly and then one to two hours of muscular training, body balance, or stretching. The best thing is to give your body some exercise every day. If you are too busy, you can get free and efficient seven- and fifteen-minute training online. Lack of time or money is no longer an excuse for a happier, healthier life.

5. Spend more time in places you love, especially green nature.

Nature heals and nurtures you. The locations where you spend a lot of time influence your well-being and happiness. According to research, the best places have special meaning for you and offer beautiful, extensive views over green landscapes and waters.

6. Improve your sleeping habits.

Do you have insomnia, or are you just too busy to sleep enough? You are not the only one. You can’t force yourself to fall asleep, but you can push yourself to change your evening routines. Read a book instead of surfing the internet or watching videos. Eat heavy dinners and do your exercise at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Avoid evening coffee and significant amounts of alcohol. And the most important one: Try to find time to think about your life’s significant daily decisions, so you don’t have to use nights for that. If you still can’t sleep, take it easy. Rest is essential for your happiness; did you sleep or not.

7. Stop worrying; start acting.

If you have many fears, write them down on paper. Then, evaluate whether your worries exist in real life or are just negative thoughts. Why would you waste your valuable time and energy worrying? Can you do something to solve them? If not, accept them. If yes, change your fears to simple missions and goals and find concrete steps to help you reach them.

8. Learn to relax to find happiness

If there is a constant crowd of things in your calendar and your head, wake up. Your life should not be a vast to-do list. It should be an exciting and fun journey with great possibilities. Learn to say no to time robbers. Take time for yourself and do nothing. If you can’t be without doing something, try mindfulness training, yoga, and meditation. Start to draw, knit, or paint, or buy one of the coloring books for adults. They all help your mind calm, relax, and concentrate. As a bonus, they allow you to see your priorities more clearly.