Love is in the air

Love. According to researchers studying happiness, that’s a thing we should get more in our daily life. But how to find love?

Many researchers suggest that we could get more love feelings for our lives, spending more time with other people. However, in the western world, more and more people live alone. Living alone means spending usually much time alone.

Not all relationships increase your happiness.

Even if you have people around you, it is not that simple. Although it is essential to build good relationships and spend much time with other persons, not all the time spent with others increases your happiness. Sometimes even the opposite. Some people are more or less exhausting energy-robbers.

So how to find love to your life?

You cannot force others to love you ( at least it won’t be very easy) or even be helpful for you. What you can do is to deliver love and acceptance to others.

Try to spend more time with the essential people in your life. Plan movie nights or small parties for your gangs. (It does matter if your gang is three little kids and a big smelling dog, a weird neighbor or ex-members of your soccer team) You can always build the spirit of the happy community around.

If you are a busy person who always has hands full of daily duties, try to do them together with someone you like instead of doing them alone.

Find love by thinking loving thoughts

When you are alone, think loving thoughts about your dearest people. Send them messages and carry their photos in your wallet. Even when you cannot be with them, your heart and soul can.

That keeps the love flowing in your life and increases your happiness, say the happiness research.

Behave loving and friendly to all your fellows. Do small favors to people around you. Smile to the strangers you meet. 

When doing this, you do not help only others; you help yourself to be happier and more optimistic. After a while, delivering more love not only makes you feel happier but also more loved. 

Love is a huge universal power, and it is not meant only for romantic couples or families. It is there available for everyone. Find love, share it, and spread it around. The more you give, the more you get. 



Get more love to your life


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