Bad Habit Examiner

Let’s examine your daily habits. Just answer the following questions honestly.

  1. What keeps you from going to bed early enough?
  2. What keeps you working too long days?
  3. What keeps you sitting too much?
  4. What keeps you skipping your daily exercise and meditation, the gym for the brains?
  5. What keeps you forgetting the breakfast and replacing meals with bad snacks?
  6. What keeps you harming your body with too much alcohol or sugar?
  7. What keeps you from giving time and energy to your close ones?
  8. What keeps you yelling your kids/parents/spouse?
  9. What keeps you skipping the daily things you love?
  10. What keeps you tired, exhausted and irritated? 

If your answer is ten times nothing, I am clapping for you. You don’t have reasons why you can’t live healthier. Your habits are probably already excellent, but if not, you just do it.  You will change your habits to healthier ones.

If your answers are something else, we have a challenge here. We have to change your habits.

If we don’t eat well, we lack energy. If we don’t do exercise but just work too much, our bodies get soon weak and tired. If we are all the time busy, we get exhausted. Alcohol and smoking just make us weaker.

The lack of energy, weakness, exhaustion, busyness and tiredness are a sure recipe for constant anger and irritation.  Your regular mood gets lousy. Even small obstacles start to feel enormous. That’s why you yell to your loved ones, skip the things you love and neglect your own physical and psychological needs like proper food and rest. You are probably just too tired and busy to care anything.

A good news is that we are humans so that we can change our lives. Choose at least one of your bad habits every week and change it better.

If you can’t eat proper meals because you wake up so late, weak up earlier. If you yell for the kids because you are tired, sleep and relax so much, that you are not any more so tired. If you work too much because your job is too busy or demanding, decide how you get things back in order at your workplace.

When you have recognized your new better habits, it is time to roll your sleeves. Do the new thing the whole week, so it becomes a routine. Make it a  routine but not too difficult one. No self-picked blueberries for daily breakfasts, not 15 kilometer runs every morning before taking kids to the daycare and going to work.

If you aim immediately too high, the positive change is going to be temporary.  That is something we don’t want.

Then comes the secret of changing habits. You just do not think anymore the old bad habit. Never. What was then is gone. You start to live as you had always done things in a new better way.  You begin to figure yourself like a healthy eater, active and happy mum or spouse.

Soon you will notice the positive change. You don’t only get more energy and better mood. You start to like yourself and others more.