One of the easiest and funniest instructions for life, I got surprisingly from my husband. He is a bit critical towards most self-help guidance. However, this phrase made even an impact on him.


It is simple: Do not eat bad biscuits.


Biscuits are seldom good for your health, teeth, or butt. If you, however, want to eat them, eat cookies you love. Something which gives you pleasure with every bite. Otherwise, why bother? Why not just leave the bad cookies on the plate? Okay, if one of your life’s VIPs has baked the bad biscuits, you probably need to taste one to be polite. That is an exception.


Actually in this self-help advice is not a question about biscuits. There is a question about your everyday choices.

Do you have a good and valid reason to watch bad movies, read stupid books, play silly games, go to boring parties, hang out with depressing people, drink bad quality wine, sit in bad chairs or read stupid posts from social media? Why bother?


Why are you using your valuable time and energy for meaningless or even harmful things, if you could do something else? Something which takes you closer to your life goals and missions. Something which you love and which makes good for your body, mind, and soul.