Hello, Happy Camper

Usually the life goes as it should. Sometimes, not very often, it goes another way too.

Even if I have born to be a light and optimistic person, it has been difficult for me in last years to keep my happiness level always high and maintain a positive attitude towards life. Oh god, I could tell you what kind of nasty things happened at the same time in my life, but it is all too long and boring story. You might have that kind of stories also in your heart.

That’s maybe the reason I started to research human happiness and wellbeing. I tried to find out, how is it possible to maintain a positive outlook on life even when you have troubles. I read dozens of great books, research reports, and scientifical articles. I talked with different people and tested things in real life.

An important founding was, that stable happiness is merely a statue of mind, skill,  and not so much dependent on outer circumstances. It is not the house, car, marriage, a kid, a job or better wealth, which makes you constantly happy. Although some people seem to be born under happy stars – with the happy mindset – the happiness it is a must-have skill that everybody can learn and develop.  What is the best, the happiness spreads around, and it leads to many other great things in life.

Want to get more out from your daily life? Want to get more happiness to your days and nights, whatever are your circumstances? Want to learn to be stronger and happier, whatever life throws on your way?

I have made you a small easy-to-read e-guide called Hello, Happy Camper.

It is a beginners guide for happier life, and it helps you to find, how you could easily increase well-being in your life. It is based on the science of well-being and happiness and tested by real humans. 

Get your guide now from Blurb Store or Apple’s iBook Store with 11,99€ (13,50USD) and load it to your Mac, iPhone or iPad. 

ps. Nowadays there are plenty of beautiful things in my life. My glass is half full, not half empty. When there are obstacles – and I am afraid there will be many of them – I can pass them smoother with the help of my happy thoughts. Happy days to you.